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Your priority is to create change, and ours is to help you do that, and then some.

Great leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers are creative, driven by possibility and generously inspire others to show up in service of a broader cause. 

The Sprint workshop takes a room full of these people and empowers them to sprint for one day and rapidly progress the change they’re working on.    

If you are...

  • Ready to get proactive and generate momentum

  • Looking to scale your vision

  • Eager to be challenged to creatively think beyond the edges

  • Wanting to build deep, meaningful connections with like minded, generous humans

Then we're ready for you

Sprint is a hands-on, fast paced day with inspiring change makers who want to make an impact - just like you. It’s not an ordinary workshop, and that’s because you're not an ordinary person.

Working with Pete and Jen, who have collectively inspired and created change with hundreds of leaders around the globe, you will dig into the constraints you're facing, uncover your blindspots and discover new paths forward.


As the name suggests Sprint is about making rapid progress, in a short period of time.

At the end of the day you’ll walk away with:

  • Ideas, concepts and a game plan to progress your project including:

    • A new perspective on imposter syndrome and creativity

    • A way forward through the constraints and boundaries holding you back

    • The mindset of a pro

  • Personalised feedback and coaching from Pete, Jen and your peers

  • An understanding of how to develop a high performing, generous, collaborative space

  • A network of high performing, motivated change makers


Pete and Jen have a unique ability to help people bring their ideas to life.
Their unique perspective and approach gave me the tools and the confidence to make changes that have lead to an incredible amount of progress in a short amount of time.
My path forward feels much clearer than when I began and I feel encouraged, inspired, and full of creativity.

ready to sprint?

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A little street cred

Because we know you’re wondering…


Peter is a human periscope: helping others see things they can’t so that they can change their corner of the world.

Leaders seek out his unique perspective, ability to challenge narratives and generosity in creating space for others to do the same. He has built startups from the scratch, redesigned business, sales and marketing strategies and presented to and coached leaders around the globe as they seek to level up.

As a Head Coach at Seth Godin’s altMBA, Peter also plays a key role in transforming the lives of the coaches and students who take part.

PS. His initials

DSC_6937-3231671929-O (1).jpg

Jen is a human stethoscope: helping people bring their ideas to life.

Leaders seek out her insight and imagination in order to free themselves from old models of thinking and design a more purpose-driven future for themselves, their people, and their organizations

Jen is the Founder and Director of Jen Waldman Studio and an Optimist at Simon Sinek’s company, Start With Why.

PS. Not her initials.

Why sprint?

Because, Parkinson’s Law

We know that a task will expand so as to fill the time available for its completion. Trust us when we say you’ll be surprised at just how much progress you can make in one day.

Walk in ready to Sprint and you’ll walk away with the tools you need to create lasting change.

Because, collaboration

Pete and Jen have created rapid change across a number of projects including their podcast The Long and The Short Of It. Now we’re on a mission to help you make change by combining our unique backgrounds and skillsets.

Because, unique perspectives

Pete and Jen are opposites in many ways.

Pete, from Melbourne, Australia, Jen, from New York City, USA. Pete, at 6”7’, Jen, at 5”1”. Pete, the millennial, Jen, the Gen-X. Pete, who wears jumper, Jen, who wears sweaters.

ready to sprint?

Next workshop: TBC

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